The Utmost Veterinary Care for Your Animal Companion

At Great Lakes Pet Emergencies, we provide a wide range of services for every imaginable emergency because your pet’s health is important to us. Our team strives to give each patient personalized and compassionate care while using the latest and most comprehensive lab and diagnostic capabilities in our area. We are also the first and currently, the first VECCS certified level III facility in the state of Michigan.

Reasons You May Be Referred to Our Hospital

  • Unexpected injury or illness after your veterinarian’s regular office hours
  • Improved care or support such as continuous oxygen supplementation, ECG or blood pressure monitoring, or drug infusion
  • Advanced monitoring due to the severity of your pet’s illness or injury
  • Overnight post-surgical or post-anesthetic monitoring for complications and pain management
  • Completed lab tests to facilitate a diagnosis and aid in patient care
  • Latest diagnostic procedures such as digital radiographs and board-certified radiologist consultation, ultrasound, or endoscopy
  • Surgical or other anesthetic procedure when your family veterinarian is unavailable

What Sets Us Apart

Our 24-Hour Service

There is always someone here with your pet, even in the middle of the night. If your pet’s condition changes at 3:00 AM, we are here to respond. Can’t sleep without making sure your furry friend is okay? Give us a call. A doctor and trained technical staff are monitoring your companion at all times while in the hospital.

Our On-Site Lab

We get answers about your pet’s condition in minutes, which gets him or her back on the road to recovery faster. For some patients, this fast turnaround can be lifesaving.

Our Specialized Equipment

Our digital X-ray machine lets us send copies of your pet’s X-rays to your regular veterinary clinic or a radiologist for a second opinion. With our endoscope, we can look inside your pet’s stomach and get the sock your dog ate without the need for surgery. Our fluid pumps make it safe to give IV fluids to even the smallest of animals.

Our People

We have doctors and staff who are specially trained to handle almost any emergency and do so with care and compassion.


Connect With Us

Our team is ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.